About Damla

Damla was born in Çengelköy, one of the oldest and most decent districts of the Bosphorus and preserving its traditional texture since the Ottoman period, Damla started her interest in different and stylish objects at a young age.

The fact that her mother's antique knowledge and collecting; her father's company's office is in Sirkeci; one of the historical districts of İstanbul, was the preparation of her creative side.

While working in the public relations sector what she studied at the university and being in social life with the birth of her two princesses, she preferred to use unique bags instead of bags appealing to general taste and preference.

The synthesis of the authentic atmosphere of the Historical Peninsula, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Antique Bazaar; where she visited with great interest in her childhood and the cultures of the different countries she worked in corporate life; prepared the infrastructure of the traditional and originality nature of her brand.

Her adventure, which started by designing and producing bags that reflect her own style with the dolls she prepared for her daughters, continues by enlarging the product range of her brand.

Bracelets made of semi-precious natural stones such as Baroque pearl, gold quartz and Lapis lazuli reflect BC's ''original and stylish'' motto in its most eye-catching form.

Damla also has modernized the traditional dress of the Japan, kimono and added it to her brand collection.

The mystical atmosphere of the inns on the upper floors of the Grand Bazaar; the western and the eastern cities of Turkey where protecting traditional and historical values; the stylish and elegance atmosphere district where Damla lives, continues to inspire her.

Those who use the brand she created; feel themselves timelessly stylish with the products that come out by combining traditional and natural materials in a modern style.

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